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Listing Began: May 18
Number of times Viewed: 37


You pick the Products you'd like to win!
I then find the Companies that offer the best chance to do that.

Entries into Contests/Draws/Giveaways are concentrated in 2 Areas:
Companies with IN-HOUSE-Only Draws/Contests. No web advertising = Limited Entries = Improved odds of winning them.
Companies that place the lowest on various Internet-Site-Tracking Platforms offer the best opportunities. They are the smallest Companies in the world with Almost Zero On-Line Traffic. Exponentially, increasing the odds in your favor.

Every Contest Entry is done manually and conforms with all rules/laws of Countries entered.
Contest Only Email is created, shows progress and filters Notifications, Confirmations, Validations & assorted Junk Mail.
Every 500 Product Specific Entry on your behalf $10.00
Entry Report upon completion(2wks).

1217 76st Edmonton, AB. T6X1M9